We Are Committed to Keeping Our Community Safe

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School Security Pilot

The School Security IMEROPEX will focus on factors to mitigate the active shooter threat prior to the arrival of external law enforcement. The IMEROPEX will also leverage "Full Dive" Virtual Reality technology to establish a virtual K-12 school and surrounding community indistinguishable from the real world.

The School Security IMEROPEX Experience

While the School Security IMEROPEX will provide data on how to ensure the safety of K-12 students and staff in the event of an active shooter threat; it will more importantly be a venue for students, staff and first responders to realistically perceive and endure an active shooter threat under multiple conditions. Because of the random nature of the event, it is not always possible to predict when school district staff and students will suddenly become the victims or targets of an active shooter. It is therefore imperative that they be able to experience, understand and resolve an active shooter crisis before its actual occurrence.